Triple Glazing

The Future To Zero Carbon Homes

Triple glazing has many benefits, it can be used in windows and doors, along with conservatory side glass. 

With excellent performance rates, its comparison to double glazed units and single pane window glass is impressive. 

  • Double glazed units delivers a Ug value of 1.2W/(m2k)
  • Single pane window glass delivers a Ug value of 5.6W/(m2k)
  • Triple glazed units delivers a Ug value of upto 0.6W/(m2k)


  • Up to 0.6 W/ (m2k) Ug value with 72% Light Transmittance.
  • 50% more efficient Thermal Transmission. 
  • 10% reduction in Energy Transmission. 
  • A staggering 26% of domestic heat loss is through the windows.  
  • Triple Glazing from Westcountry  Glass provides the ultimate in energy efficient performance.


  • Up to 0.5 W/ (m2k) Ug value. 
  • 58% Light Transmittance.
  • 60% more efficient Thermal Transmission.
  • Safer and more secure with the extra glass pane.
  • In summer months reflecting up to 60% of unwanted energy from the sun. 

Triple Glazing Options From Westcountry Glass